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Premiere DateMar 24, 2012
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
01:43 Don't Look Back – She & Him
04:57 Book Talk Interview with Brandon Rudd Part 1
15:49 Calendar Girl – Stars
19:32 Book Talk Interview with Brandon Rudd Part 2
31:43 Home – She & Him
36:00 Book Talk Outro – Kory French
36:55 Get On This Train – Julian Peterson
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Subject – Cooper’s Pack: Children’s Travel Guides and eBooks for Kids

Author – Brandon Rudd

Kids need travel guides too, as do stuffed animals.  The team at Cooper’s Pack Publishing have created a series of travel books written for the young, and young at heart.  Whether you want to visit Seattle and see Pike Place Market, or head off to Alaska and see why you should take a helicopter tour, Cooper’s Pack guides are fun, entertaining and memorable.

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Cooper’s Travel Guide to New York City

Cooper chilling
Cooper’s Guide to New York City

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Julian Peterson

Kory French is the Founder and Principal of Emily Consulting, a consulting company that leads start-up and early-stage companies in everything from concept development to strategic planning to scaling and exit…