Book Talk

Premiere DateFeb 11, 2012
00:00 Book Talk Intro Kory French
02:00 New Light The Great Lake Swimmers
03:44 Book Talk Interview with Laura Hillenbrand Part 1
14:52 Bitter Beauty Jason Collett
18:20 Book Talk Interview with Laura Hillenbrand Part 2
30:03 Reception My Teenage Stride
32:14 Book Talk Interview with Laura Hillenbrand Part 3
46:02 Book Talk Outro Kory French
47:06 The Air The Rural Alberta Advantage
49:06 Finish

Subject – Unbroken

Author – Laura Hillenbrand

Encore episode – first aired Mar 5, 2011

Laura Hillenbrand is a New York Times bestseller known for her famous freshman novel Seasbiscuit. Laura has recently published her second book, Unbroken, and is on Book Talk to discuss the fascinating, true story of Louis Zamperini–Olympic athlete, World War Two Air Force serviceman, Japanese P.O.W. and long-time survivor of one of the most interesting lives ever lived in the twentieth century.

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Laura Hillenbrand

Louis Zamperini

The Great Lake Swimmers

Jason Collett

My Teenage Stride

The Rural Alberta Advantage

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