Book Talk

Premiere DateJan 7, 2012
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
02:07 Shuffle – Bombay Bicycle Club
05:53 New Map – M83
10:13 A Reading from A Book of the Dead
15:02 Raconte Moi Une Histoire – M83
19:02 The Book of the Dead
22:20 Secret Heart - Feist
25:45 Excerpt from interview with Jessie Sholl – Dirty Secret
37:44 About Face – Grizzly Bear
40:59 Book Talk Outro
43:02 Midnight City – M83
46:56 Finish

Subject – The Book of the Dead & Dirty Secret

Author – John Lloyd & John Mitchinson; Jessie Sholl

Here, then, is a dictionary of the dead, an encyclopedia of the embalmed. Ludicrous in scope, whimsical in its arrangement, this wildly entertaining tome presents pithy and provocative biographies of the no-longer-living from the famous to the undeservedly and – until now – permanently obscure. Spades in hand, Lloyd and Mitchinson have dug up everything embarrassing, fascinating, and downright weird about their subjects’ lives and added their own uniquely irreverent observations.

Jessie Sholl bravely throws herself (and her family) into her haunting and amusing memoir. The best thing about this book is that it’s 100% readable, a page-turner really, and it’s also extremely informative about hoarding and having someone with a mental disorder entwined in your life. Sholl combines her own stories with researched facts about hoarders that fit snugly in the story. She delves into the complex cycle of hope, frustration and defeat intermixed with humor and honesty will ring true to anyone who has loved a person with a mental illness. If you’ve dealt (or are dealing) with mental illness/hoarding you’ll read this book and think, ‘I’m not alone, this is my story too.’ If you haven’t had a personal experience with a hoarder this will give you insight into the behavior and open your eyes to a new world.

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