Book Talk

Premiere DateNov 26, 2011
00:00 Book Talk Intro Kory French
04:02 Blue Eyed Blues The Stumblebums
06:32 Interview with Cassie J. Sneider Part 1
26:13 Fanfare (Fuck You Lady Gaga) The Stumblebums
28:39 Reading “Homegrown” Cassie J. Sneider
40:51 Stumblebum Stomp The Stumblebums
42:32 Interview with Cassie J. Sneider Part 2
59:22 2nd Avenue The Stumblebums
61:11 Book Talk Outro Kory French
62:12 Hey Johnny The Stumblebums
64:36 Finish

Author – Cassie J. Sneider

Book – Fine Fine Music

Fine Fine Music is a collection of stories about the other side of rock and roll and coming of age in the land that time forgot. Lake Ronkonkoma is stuck in 1981, an alcoholic blackout of unnaturally tanned people waxing their Camaros to Foreigner on cassette and knowing the words to every Billy Joel song whether you want to or not. From an internship making Sea monkey costumes, a childhood fear of “My Buddy” dolls, and a heartbreaking crush on Aerosmith, funny lady Cassie J. Sneider delivers her tales of growing up in a land of fist-pumping Snookies with the antagonistic wit of a record store clerk.

Cassie J Sneider

Fine Fine Music

The Stumblebums

The Stumblebums

The Stumblebums
Nov 26 – Village Lantern – New York, NY

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