Book Talk

Premiere DateOct 22, 2011
00:00 Book Talk Intro Kory French
02:53 Jockey Full of Bourbon Tom Waits
05:25 Interview with Gus Iversen Part 1
20:14 New Coat of Paint Tom Waits
23:04 Interview with Gus Iversen Part 2
43:40 Warm Beer and Cold Women Tom Waits
48:36 Book Talk Outro Kory French
50:36 Christmas Card from a Hooker in Minneapolis Tom Waits
54:51 Finish

Author – Gus Iversen

Book –

Infinity Links October And November
Itchy Legs Often Ain’t Normal
It Looks Obvious After Napping
Insane Love Objectifies All Neurosis
Igloo Leasers Of Alaskan Nativity
Incandescent Lights On Amicable Nights
Intelligent Living Organisms Against Nouns
Irrefutable Lambasters Of Alfani Neckwear
Information Lingers Obstinately Among Newspapers
Insects Laugh Off All Neglect
Inconsequential Longings Old And New

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Gus Iversen

Occupy Wall Street

Tom Waits

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