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Premiere DateJul 23, 2011
00:00 Book Talk Intro Kory French
02:09 New Soul Yael Naim
05:20 Book Talk Interview with J. Courtney Sullivan Part 1
16:25 Anthem For A Seventeen Year Old Girl - Broken Social Scene
19:45 Book Talk Interview with J. Courtney Sullivan Part 2
39:36 Naive Melody The Old Believers
40:31 Book Talk Outro Kory French
41:41 Naive Melody (Cont'd) The Old Believers
43:03 Finish

Subject – Maine

Author – J. Courtney Sullivan

For the Kellehers, Maine is a place where children run in packs, showers are taken outdoors, and old Irish songs are sung around a piano at night. Their beachfront property, won on a barroom bet after the war, sits on three acres of sand and pine nestled between stretches of rocky coast, with one tree bearing the initials “A.H.” At the cottage, built by Kelleher hands, cocktail hour follows morning mass, nosy grandchildren snoop in drawers, and decades-old grudges simmer beneath the surface.

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J Courtney Sullivan


Yael Naim

Broken Social Scene
July 29 – Osheaga Music and Arts Festival – Montreal, Canada
Aug 7 – Alderney Landing Events Plaza – Dartmouth, Canada
Aug 19 – Salmon Arm Roots & Blues Festival – Salmon Arm, Canada

The Old Believers

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