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Premiere DateJul 9, 2011
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04:40 Book Talk Interview with Christopher Lawford Kennedy Part 1
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Subject – Symptoms of Withdrawal, Moments of Clarity

Author – Christopher Kennedy Lawford

In his 2005 New York Times bestselling memoir, Symptoms of Withdrawal, Christopher Kennedy Lawford chronicled his deep descent into near-fatal drug and alcohol addiction, and his subsequent hard-won journey back to sobriety, which he has maintained for the past 24 years with the hopes of making a difference. The overwhelming response received to his book impressed upon Lawford the number of people struggling to find their own way back from addiction and the need to share their stories, which led to the development of Moments of Clarity: Voices From the Front Lines of Addiction and Recovery.

In 2009, Lawford released The New York Times Bestseller, Moments of Clarity, which illuminates the spiritual epiphanies that occur in 44 peoples lives enabling them to move from addiction to recovery and Healing Hepatitis C.

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