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Premiere DateNov 22, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – DJ Kory
03:50 “I’m Flexible” – Torn Hawk
09:26 Interview with Mark McClusky Part 1
22:05 “Return to the Pec Deck” – Torn Hawk
26:02 Interview with Mark McClusky Part 2
43:28 “Afterprom” – Torn Hawk
48:51 Book Talk Outro – DJ Kory
51:55 “There Was A Time” – Torn Hawk
55:00 Finish

Faster, Higher, Stronger: How Sports Science is creating a New Generation of Super Athletes And What We Can Learn From Them by Mark McClusky

From the Olympics to the NBA Finals, from the World Series to the Tour de France, from high-tech labs in Canberra and Colorado Springs to converted warehouses in Santa Monica, even in neighborhood gyms and on city sidewalks, there is a revolution taking place.

Not so long ago, you could compete at the top of the athletic world with hard work, a good coach, and a little luck. But after a century when world records were smashed with ease, we’ve started to find improvement harder to come by. Today’s athletes are now turning to advanced technology and savvy science to help them reach new levels of human performance.

In Faster, Higher, Stronger, veteran journalist Mark McClusky takes readers behind the scenes with a new generation of athletes, coaches, and scientists whose accomplishments are changing our understanding of human physical achievement and completely redefining the limits of the human body. Examining the ever-evolving intersection of sports, science, and technology, McClusky explores:

 Tricks for the brain to help the body fight fatigue
 Nutritional hacks that fuel athletes
 The huge impact data can have on training
 Smart ways to speed up learning a new skill
 The competitive benefits of being a late bloomer

Brimming with cutting-edge science and gripping anecdotes, Faster, Higher, Stronger is a fascinating, exhilarating look at how far we can push the boundaries of our bodies and minds.

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