Book Talk

Premiere DateOct 25, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – DJ Kory
03:13 “Mission Bell” – Elliott Brood
07:14 Interview with Isabel Quintero Part 1
26:01 “Better Times” – Elliott Brood
30:11 Interview with Isabel Quintero Part 2
45:29 “Little Ones” – Elliott Brood
48:51 Book Talk Outro – DJ Kory
51:13 “Taken” – Elliott Brood
55:00 Finish

Isabel Quintero – Gabi: A Girl In Pieces

If only her father weren’t addicted to meth. If only she wasn’t such a bad girl (according to her mother). If only she didn’t like beef jerky so much. It’s her senior year of high school and Gabi needs to figure things out before she goes off to college. That’s IF she’s accepted to any schools at all.

Elliott Brood Upcoming Shows:
Oct 27 – Boite – Madrid, Spain
Oct 28 – Rocksound – Barcelona, Spain
Oct 31 – Serie Z Festival – Jerez, Spain
Nov 3 – Steinbruch – Duisburg, Germany
Nov 4 – Astra Stubbe – Hamburg, Germany
Nov 5 – Crystal – Berlin, Germany

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