Book Talk

Premiere DateOct 4, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – DJ Kory
04:10 “I Don’t Wanna Be A…” – Purling Hiss
08:01 Interview with Otto Penzler Part 1
23:53 “Sundance Saloon Boogie” – Purling Hiss
25:50 Interview with Otto Penzler Part 2
42:48 “Another Silvermoon” – Purling Hiss
48:45 Book Talk Outro – DJ Kory
50:41 “Six Ways to Sunday” – Purling Hiss
56:00 Finish

Otto Penzler – The Best American Mystery Stories of the 19th Century

With stories by Washington Irving, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Mark Twain, Louisa May Alcott, L. Frank Baum, Edith Wharton, Stephen Crane, and Jack London, The Best American Mystery Stories of the Nineteenth Century is an essential anthology of American letters. It’s a unique blend of beloved writers who contributed to the genre and forgotten names that pioneered the form, such as Anna Katharine Green, the godmother of mystery fiction, and the African-American writer Charles W. Chesnutt. Of course, Penzler includes “The Murders in the Rue Morgue,” recognized as the first detective story, and with thirty-three stories spanning the years 1824–1899, nowhere else can readers find such a surprising, comprehensive take on the evolution of the American mystery story.

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