Book Talk

Premiere DateSep 13, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – DJ Kory
04:25 “Where Is My Love” – Zeus
06:33 Interview with Andromeda Romano Lax Part 1
19:57 “Miss My Friends” – Zeus
22:56 Interview with Andromeda Romano Lax Part 2
39:39 “Bonnieview” – Zeus
43:23 Book Talk Outro – DJ Kory
45:25 “Straight Thru The Light” – Zeus
50:00 Finish

Andromeda Romano-Lax – The Detour

Young art curator Ernst Vogler travels to Italy on what is supposed to be a brief assignment: escorting the famous Discus Thrower statue to Munich, where it has been purchased, controversially, by the German government. But from the first morning, when Vogler arrives at the museum too late to write his initial report, to a change in plans that requires transporting the ancient statue by road instead of by train, everything goes wrong.

Traveling for five days across Italy, Vogler will try to fulfill his mission, confront demons in his own past, and discover – perhaps too late – lessons in friendship and passion. Set in 1938 and inspired by a historical event, the controversial sale of a real statue to Nazi Germany, one of the first steps in what became a seven-year looting campaign of the greatest art objects of Europe, The Detour is a novel about classical art and pre-World War II politics. It is also an exploration of the boundaries between loyalty and love, rigidity and spontaneity, stone and life.

Zeus Upcoming Shows:
September 14th, Victoria, BC — Rifflandia Festival
September 16th, Nelson, BC — Hume Hotel – Spirit Bar
September 17th, Calgary, AB — The Republik
September 18th, Edmonton, AB — The Pawn Shop
September 19th, Saskatoon, SK — Amigo’s
September 20th, Winnipeg, MB — Park Theatre
September 23rd, Minneapolis, MN — 7th Street Entry
September 24th, Chicago, IL — Schubas Tavern
September 25th, Pontiac, MI – The Pike Room
September 27th, Toronto, ON — Lee’s Palace

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