Book Talk 2020, The Top 5 to 1

Premiere DateJan 7, 2021
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Episode Intro
02:50 Clip from Eric Weiner, “The Socrates Express” (October 8)
08:01 Hey Rose Son Little
10:56 Clip from David Goodwillie, “King’s County” (July 30)
17:56 We Got This Seth Walker
20:50 Clip from Logan Smalley and Stephanie Kent, “Call Me Ishmael” (October 15)
25:47 On With The Show Owen
29:51 Clip from Tova Leigh, “F*cked at 40” (March 19)
34:26 Another Song Bill Callahan
37:21 Clip from Mark Olshaker, “The Killer’s Shadow” (November 19)
42:23 about her. again. Son Little
43:35 Episode Outro
44:44 about her. again. (Cont’d) Son Little
46:34 Finish

We’re going to start the New Year continuing from where we left off last week — by listening to clips from my top five favorite interviews of 2020.

Book Cover images provided by the author’s representative.

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