Book Talk

Premiere DateAug 9, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – DJ Kory
04:42 “Our Kind of Love” – Christopher Denny
08:44 Interview with Wally Rudolph Part 1
25:57 “Radio” – Christopher Denny
30:26 Interview with Wally Rudolph Part 2
46:33 “God’s Height” – Christopher Denny
50:55 Book Talk Outro – DJ Kory
52:18 “Watch Me Shine” – Christopher Denny
56:30 Finish

Four Corners by Wally Rudolph

Four Corners is a bare-knuckled debut novel by Wally Rudolph, written in the style of Daniel Woodrell, Barry Hannah, and Charles Bowden. Both a savage, mean-streets thriller and a heartbreaking story of unfortunate love, Four Corners is carved from the rich, distinct voices and landscapes of the American Southwest.

For the better part of 37 years, Frank Bruce has hobbled through his life, dragging his hunger for amphetamines, alcohol, and crime behind him like a tarnished weight. Now, emboldened by the love of his child-fiancé Maddie, Frank turns his back on all his addictions and runs away from New Mexico, hoping for a second chance.

Frank goes on the lam through the drug underworld of the Southwest trying to save his best friend’s child from his meth-riddled father and abusive grandfather—the casino mogul, Marcus Shenk—whose brutal tyranny crosses over all four corners of the Southwest. Trapped by his crooked past but determined to protect everything he loves, Frank looks for help from his former mentor, drug kingpin and murderer Jon Santer. But in doing so, Frank unknowingly drags himself and all that he is trying to keep safe into a final, vile reckoning with Shenk, his henchmen, and his terrible, corrupt legacy.

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