Book Talk 2019 - The Top 10 to 6

Premiere DateDec 19, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Another Age Robert Earl Thomas
01:09 Episode Intro
02:42 Another Age (Cont’d) Robert Earl Thomas
03:07 Clip from Steve Vogel, “Betrayal in Berlin” aired September 26
08:44 Middle Name Jasmin Kaset (with Quichenight)
10:22 Clip from Lori Gottlieb, “Maybe You Should Talk to Someone” aired April 11
15:17 Beautiful The Herbert Bail Orchestra
18:32 Clip from Snowden Wright, “American Pop” aired February 21
23:54 Temporary Tattoo Wyndham
26:34 Clip from David Kushner, “The Players Ball” aired May 2
35:00 People Always Say Dutch Party
37:10 Clip from Keggie Carew, “Quicksand Tales” aired January 31
43:06 Try to Be Bonny Doon
44:10 Episode Outro
45:07 Try to Be (Cont’d) Bonny Doon
46:41 Finish

You’ll just have to tune in to hear the number 10 thru number 6 interviews from 2019, along with some of the best music featured on the show that was released this past year.

Betrayal In Berlin by Steve Vogel

Maybe You Should Talk to Someone – Lori Gottlieb

American Pop by Snowden Wright

The Players Ball by David Kushner

Quicksand Tales by Keggie Carew

Book Cover and Author headshot images provided by the author’s representative.

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