Book Talk

Premiere DateJul 12, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – DJ Kory
04:08 “San Francisco” – Stu Larsen
07:58 Interview with James Nestor 1
20:37 “Darling If You’re Down” – Stu Larsen
24:12 Interview with James Nestor Part 2
37:03 “Ferry to Dublin” – Stu Larsen
41:03 Book Talk Outro – DJ Kory
43:00 “Skin & Bone” – Stu Larsen
47:00 Finish

James Nestor – Deep

While on assignment in Greece, journalist James Nestor witnessed something that confounded him: a man diving 300 feet below the ocean’s surface on a single breath of air and returning four minutes later, unharmed and smiling.

This man was a freediver, and his amphibious abilities inspired Nestor to seek out the secrets of this little-known discipline. In Deep, Nestor embeds with a gang of extreme athletes and renegade researchers who are transforming not only our knowledge of the planet and its creatures, but also our understanding of the human body and mind.

Stu Larsen Upcoming Shows:
Jul 14 — St Pancras Old Church — London, United Kingdom
Jul 17 — Gardens of Trautssmandorf — Merano, Italy
Jul 19 — Blue Balls Festival — Zurich, Switzerland
Jul 24 — Sommerloft — Berlin, Germany
Jul 25 — Uebel & Gefährlich Dachterasse — Hamburg, Germany
Jul 26 — Endless Summer — Heidelberg, Germany

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