Book Talk

Premiere DateMay 31, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – DJ Kory
03:12 “Two Doves On A Lake” – Archie Bronson Outfit
08:04 Interview with George Cameron Grant 1
25:20 “Love To Pin You Down” – Archie Bronson Outfit
28:50 Interview with George Cameron Grant Part 2
43:19 “Glory, Sweat And Flow” – Archie Bronson Outfit
45:17 Book Talk Outro – DJ Kory
47:18 “Country Miles” – Archie Bronson Outfit
53:00 Finish

Fortune by George Cameron Grant

George Cameron Grant is the internationally produced author of 10 full-length plays, over 20 one acts, and countless monologues. His latest full-length play, Fortune: A work for the stage inspired by the life of Miss Rose Fortune a person of character, is a timeless tale of courage, character and conviction against all odds.

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Jun 9 – Blue Shell – Cologne, Germany
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Jun 13 – Knust – Hamburg, Germany
Jun 21 – Best Kept Secret – Hilvarenbeek, Netherlands

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