Book Talk

Premiere DateApr 12, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
03:53 “Kokamo (Boy Bruce)” – Chuck E. Weiss
07:10 Interview with Stacey D’Erasmo Part 1
22:51 “Dead Man’s Shoes” – Chuck E. Weiss
26:56 Interview with Stacey D’Erasmo Part 2
41:30 “Exile On Main Street Blues” – Chuck E. Weiss
46:04 Book Talk Outro – Kory French
47:32 “The Hink A-Dink” – Chuck E. Weiss
51:00 Finish

Wonderland by Stacey D’Erasmo

Wonderland is a look into the life of a 40-something female rock star and that moment when she decides whether to go all-in or give up on her dreams. It’s about Anna Brundage, a one-time indie-sensation who disappeared from the spotlight – and walked off the scene for seven years. Without a record deal or clamoring fans, she sells a piece of her famous father’s art to finance just one more album and a European comeback tour. Wonderland examines the life of a woman on an unconventional path, wondering what happens next and what her passions might have cost her.

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May 6 – Housing Works – New York, NY

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