Book Talk

Premiere DateMar 15, 2014
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
03:16 “Jockey Full of Bourbon” – Tom Waits
05:48 Interview with Wade “Sal” Ells Part 1
21:22 “Frank’s Wild Years” – Tom Waits
21:22 “Swordfishtrombone” – Tom Waits
25:57 Interview with Wade “Sal” Ells Part 2
39:32 “Train Song” – Tom Waits
43:55 [what i learned from HBO] – Wade Sal Ells
57:58 “Putnam County” – Tom Waits
62:00 Finish

Collaborative Writing and the Beat Generation by Wade “Sal” Ells

Perhaps the most collaborative of all the literature movements was the one know famously known as the Beat Generation. In honor of the BreakThru Radio theme of “co-operation,” Book Talk takes a look at the importance of joining forces to move a generation through words. High school teacher, surfer, poet and student of the Beats, Wade “Sal” Ells will be joining in the studio from Medford Beach, Nova Scotia to read from some of his own work and discuss the importance of collaborative writing.

Jack Kerouac

Neal Cassady

Allen Ginsberg

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