Book Talk

Premiere DateNov 30, 2013
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
04:18 Big Jet Plane – Primal Scream
08:13 Book Talk Interview with Christine Houston Part 1
25:04 Sad and Blue – Primal Scream
27:57 Book Talk Interview with Christine Houston Part 2
40:10 I’ll Be There For You – Primal Scream
46:24 Book Talk Outro – Kory French
49:00 Everybody Needs Somebody – Primal Scream
52:00 Finish

Laughing Through the Tears by Christine Houston

Laughing Through the Tears is a poignant yet comical parody of the struggle Christine Houston faced while living with her spouse who was stricken with Alzheimer’s. With crisp and witty brilliance, Christine utilizes fictitious animated characters and real life circumstances to tell her own touching story.
This novel will inspire anyone that is caring for a loved one that suffers from dementia. As only a gifted writer can portray, Christine pulls the beauty and humor out of a debilitating illness to show that it is possible to laugh through tears.

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