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Premiere DateNov 16, 2013
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
04:17 Boe Money – Galactic
07:26 Book Talk Interview with Paul Lamar Hunter Part 1
20:42 Speaks His Mind – Galactic
24:27 Book Talk Interview with Paul Lamar Hunter Part 2
27:24 You Don’t Know - Galactic
41:20 Book Talk Outro – Kory French
43:49 Muss the Hair – Galactic
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No Love, No Charity: The Success of the 19th Child by Paul Lamar Hunter

An “at-risk” student is generally described as one who, by virtue of his or her circumstances, is statistically more likely than others to fail academically. The criteria of at-risk status often focus on ethnic minorities, those who are academically disadvantaged, disabled, of low socioeconomic status, and students who experience dysfunction in the family.

Students who are labeled “at-risk” face a number of challenges that other students do not. Though an “at-risk” student is not necessarily doomed to be a poor learner, the odds are they will be underachievers for whom higher learning is often not even a feasible concept. Author Paul Lamar Hunter’s tragic background clearly painted him “at-risk,” yet in his later years he triumphantly overcame the dismal odds against his obtaining a college degree, as he became the first in his family to do so.

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