Book Talk

Premiere DateMay 11, 2013
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
02:44 Women’s Realm – Belle & Sebastian
07:11 Interview with Tracy Beckerman Part 1
27:59 Always Like This – Bombay Bicycle Club
31:53 A reading from Lost In Suburbia – Tracy Beckerman
33:53 Mushaboom – Feist
37:29 Interview with Tracy Beckerman Part 2
56:27 Winding Road – Saint Bernadette
59:00 Finish

When syndicated columnist Tracy Beckerman trades in her TV job and cool NYC existence for the New Jersey suburbs, she doesn’t expect to also trade in her entire identity. But her new life as a stay-at-home mom knocks her for a loop in more ways than one. From the embarrassment of being ticketed while driving in her bathrobe to the challenge of making friends in the land of big hair and minivans, Beckerman shares her struggles with self-deprecating humor as she endeavors to reclaim her “cool.”

Lost In Suburbia,

Tracy Beckerman on tour:
May 12: Listen to Your Mother Show at Peter Norton Symphony Space, 2537 Broadway, New York @ 5 PM
May 15: Tour Event in Washington, D.C. area (Lux Studios, 4711 Montgomery Ln, Bethesda, Md.) @ 6 PM
May 16: Tour Event in Chicago (Blow-by-Blow, 67 E. Oak Street, 3rd Floor) @ 6 PM
May 17: Watch Tracy on WGN Morning News; book signing at Barbara’s Bookstore, 233 S. Wacker Drive, Chicago
June 2nd: New Providence (N.J.) Library Event @ 2 PM

Kory French is the Founder and Principal of Emily Consulting, a consulting company that leads start-up and early-stage companies in everything from concept development to strategic planning to scaling and exit…