Book Talk

Premiere DateFeb 16, 2013
00:00 Book Talk Intro – Kory French
02:26 Hangover Days – Jason Collett
06:29 Interview with Howard Weiner Part 1
26:48 If Not For You – Tashaki Miyaki
30:47 Interview with Howard Weiner Part 2
52:10 Beyond Here Lies Nothin’ – Bob Dylan
55:56 Book Talk Outro – Kory French
58:25 Had Me A Girl – Tom Waits
62:00 Finish

It all began in a blizzard on his way to see the Grateful Dead in Philadelphia. Twenty-seven years later, in 2009, Howard “Catfish” Weiner’s road rhapsody landed him in Las Vegas for his 100th Bob Dylan show. Tangled Up In Tunes is the memoir of how 300 nights with Dylan and the Dead changed his life. A ramblin’ man seeking identity in conformist times, Catfish clung to the music that inspired him. As an eyewitness to a legacy of historical performances, Catfish delivers a distinctive tale of American spirit.

Tangled Up In Tunes

Howard Weiner

Jason Collett Upcoming Shows:
March 1 – Empire Theater – Belleville, ON
March 2 – The Grad Club – Kingston, ON
June 8 – Field Trip – Fort York & Garrison Common, Toronto ON

Tashaki Miyaki Upcoming Shows:
Feb 16 – Cccb – Barcelona, Spain
Feb 27 – Bootleg Bar – Los Angeles, CA

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There are no upcoming shows scheduled at this time.

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