‘A Transcontinental Affair’ by Jodi Daynard

Premiere DateDec 12, 2019
00:00 Show Opening
01:07 Show Me More Girl Ray
01:20 Episode Intro
02:31 Show Me More (Cont’d) Girl Ray
04:27 Interview with Jodi Daynard, Part 1
18:42 Beautiful Girl Ray
20:20 Interview with Jodi Daynard, Part 2
34:19 Girl Girl Ray
34:31 Episode Outro
36:48 Girl (Cont’d) Girl Ray
38:17 Finish

May 1870. Crowds throng the Boston station, mesmerized by the mechanical wonder huffing on the rails: the Pullman Hotel Express, the first train to travel from coast to coast. Boarding the train are congressmen, railroad presidents, and even George Pullman himself. For two young women, strangers until this fateful day, it’s the beginning of a journey that will change their lives.

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