The Politics Episode Part 3

Premiere DateOct 27, 2016
Categories Talk
00:00 mic break
00:24 & Rock & Roll A Giant Dog
03:21 Jizzney A Giant Dog
06:38 Intro
09:49 Get With You and Get High A Giant Dog
12:50 King Queen A Giant Dog
14:58 Brandon Sutton
22:45 Airplanes Night School
26:49 Hypnotized Night School
30:57 Brandon Sutton
39:26 Burden You Pity Sex
43:10 Orange And Red Pity Sex
46:42 Send Off
48:58 New Morning Comes Thomas Cohen
54:03 Ain’t Gonna Be No Rain Thomas Cohen
58:14 Finish

We’re finishing our time with Brandon Sutton, staff writer for Progressive Army, where he writes about race, culture and politics. We’re bemoaning the state of the country but only because we care. P.S. everybody vote and don’t vote for Trump.

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