The Politics Episode

Premiere DateOct 13, 2016
Categories Talk
00:00 Mic Break
00:27 Reason to Run EZTV
03:47 States of Confusion EZTV
08:23 Intro
09:22 Temporary Gold EZTV
12:50 Goodbye Morning EZTV
16:26 Brandon Sutton
28:10 Buddy Itasca
31:04 Henfight Itasca
34:38 Brandon Sutton
45:38 Just You Itasca
48:38 No Consequence Jackie Zealous
51:30 Send Off
52:04 Sally Jackie Zealous
55:05 Dropping Bombs (Don’t Make A Sound) Jackie Zealous
59:21 Finish

We’re solving all of America’s electoral woes with Brandon Sutton, and anthropologist and PhD candidate and staff writer for Progressive Army. He writes about race, culture and politics.

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Courtesy of Brandon Sutton

Taia Handlin is a fabulous Portland native currently working and writing in New York City. She received her BA in Gender Studies from Whitman College, where she spent four years amongst the onions of Walla Walla,…