Premiere DateSep 29, 2016
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00:00 Mic Break
00:27 Engineers The Luyas
06:27 Bucky’s (2 Hours) Late The Luyas
12:44 Intro
13:37 Everything Is Happening Today Flock of Dimes
17:37 The Joke Flock of Dimes
20:49 Styleofzojaq Zoey Klein
26:52 Minor Justice Flock of Dimes
30:21 Semaphore Flock of Dimes
34:07 Styleofzojaq Zoey Klein
40:49 You, The Vatican Flock of Dimes
45:09 Flight Flock of Dimes
50:37 Send off
50:55 Onebigachinheart Hymn For Her
54:36 Seas of Croatia Hymn For Her
58:48 Finish

Today we’re talking to Zoey Klein, a wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger whose blog, Styleofzojaq, has been blowing up as the internet remembers its love for vintage chic. You can find her in Williamsburg and SoHo posing and photographing in an eclectic mix of high and low fashion. Follow her on Instagram @styleofzojaq.

zoey 2

Courtesy of Styleofzojaq

zoey 3

Courtesy of Styleofzojaq

zoey 1

Courtesy of Styleofzojaq

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