Corgi Orgy

Premiere DateSep 8, 2016
Categories Talk
00:00 Mic Break
00:48 Minecraft Mosaic Motion Graphics
04:02 Houzzfunctio Motion Graphics
07:24 Corgi Orgy Seth Dandridge
14:44 What Have I Done The Frightnrs
18:14 Purple The Frightnrs
21:56 Corgi Orgy Seth Dandridge
28:40 Trouble In Here The Frightnrs
31:30 Dispute The Frightnrs
34:40 Corgi Orgy Seth Dandridge
44:20 Shut Up Kiss Me Angel Olsen
47:40 Give It Up Angel Olsen
50:34 Send Off
50:47 Sister Angel Olsen
58:31 Heart Shaped Face Angel Olsen
64:03 Finish

Today we’re sittting down in the studio with Seth Dandridge, former Biology guest and creator of Corgi Orgy, a ridiculously popular site consisting of nothing but dancing corgis, some pretty old-school psychedelic graphics, and music by indie artist Dan Deacon, appropriately called “Woof Woof.”


seth 2

Courtesy of Seth Dandridge

seth 1

Courtesy of Seth Dandridge

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