The Glitterati Gallery

Premiere DateMay 5, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
00:47 Palm Trees Lowell
05:12 Tell Me What You Want Me To Do Lowell
07:50 Intro
08:30 Summertime Lowell
12:26 The Bells Lowell
16:40 The Glitterati Gallery Brooke Madison
23:22 Goldrush Mirah
28:35 Radiomind Mirah
33:44 The Glitterati Gallery Brooke Madison
42:37 Mirrorring All Bibio
48:06 The First Daffodils Bibio
50:52 Send Off
51:22 Raincoat Bibio
54:55 You Bibio
59:22 Finish

This week on Biology we’re gettin’ fancy with Brooke Madison, created of the fashion and lifestyle blog The Glitterati Gallery.

Brooke has an eye for high fashion, clean lines, and beautiful photography. She also specializes in skin care, so tune in to find out her preferred products and regime!

For a sample of her awesome work follow this link!

(From The Glitterati Gallery)

(From The Glitterati Gallery)

(From The Glitterati Gallery)

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