Play Your Court

Premiere DateMay 12, 2016
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00:00 Welcome
02:24 San Fransisco Stu Larsen
06:28 King Street Stu Larsen
10:58 Intro
12:34 Thirteen Sad Farewells Stu Larsen
15:17 Ferry To Dublin Stu Larsen
19:21 Play Your Court Ren Gates
34:01 Expectations Brika
36:58 Gold Brika
40:24 Play Your Court Ren Gates
47:09 Moon Brika
50:34 Mumbai Brika
54:26 Send Off
55:25 Demons Brika
58:00 Overtime Brika
60:54 Finish

This week we’re chatting with Ren Gates, the lead content writer for one of my FAVORITE blogs — Play Your Court.

Play Your Court is a company that offers affordable, convenient tennis lessons, but they also recognize the value of developing a blog that offers awesome tennis-related content that furthers brand identity. After the success of the Play Your Court blog, they expanded into golf, and founded the blog Play Your Course.

We’ll chat with tennis and golf aficionado Ren about how he chooses topics to write about, how aspiring entrepreneurs can use blogging to grow their business, interact with their customers, and offer fun content, plus why they should consider it.

You can find a sample of Ren’s awesome work on Play Your Court by following this link, and on Play Your Course by following this link.

(From Play Your Court)

(From Play Your Court)

(From Play Your Court)

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