Miss West End Girl

Premiere DateJan 7, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
00:21 In Due Time Phox
04:56 Raspberry Seed Phox
09:33 Mic Break
10:32 The Satyr and The Fawn Phox
14:20 Leisure Phox
17:39 Miss West End Girl Lynsay
28:44 Climbing Walls Strange Talk
32:26 Falling In Love Strange Talk
36:36 Miss West End Girl Lynsay
46:29 Eskimo Boy Strange Talk
50:17 Another Day Strange Talk
54:13 Send Off
54:36 20th Century Boy Ty Segall
58:08 Elemental Child Ty Segall
64:27 Finish

Biology of the Blog
DJ Jess

Welcome to Biology of the Blog and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Hope your first week of 2016 is brilliant! This week we’re catching up with Lynsay, author behind the fantastic Glasgow lifestyle blog Miss West End Girl!

You can check out a sample of her work by following this link!



(Strange Talk)

(Ty Segall)

Jess Goulart began working at BTR in 2013 as an intern. Before leaving in 2016 she was also a staff writer, podcast host (Scotch & Cinema, Twenty-Something Traveler, Biology of the Blog), and Social Media…