A Chronic Case of Resfeber

Premiere DateNov 19, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
00:21 Grace Beneath The Pines Glen Hansard
03:37 Wedding Ring Glen Hansard
08:22 Mic Break
09:11 Winning Streak Glen Hansard
12:27 Lemonade Lullaby Warm Soda
14:56 A Chronic Case of Resfeber Heath Owens
29:28 Will You Be There For Me Warm Soda
33:23 A Chronic Case of Resfeber Heath Owens
41:45 Crying For A Love Warm Soda
43:58 Parts Worriers
46:56 Send Off
47:21 They, Then, Theirs Worriers
49:38 Chasing Worriers
52:34 Finish

Biology of the Blog

DJ Jess

Welcome to Biology of the Blog! This week we are catching up with Heath Owens, student, photographer, traveler, and author behind the blog A Chronic Case of Resfeber!

You can check out a sample of the blog by following this link!


(Warm Soda)

(Glen Hansard)


Jess Goulart began working at BTR in 2013 as an intern. Before leaving in 2016 she was also a staff writer, podcast host (Scotch & Cinema, Twenty-Something Traveler, Biology of the Blog), and Social Media…