Fit For Broadway

Premiere DateApr 21, 2016
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
00:55 I Killed Sara(V) Lowell
06:45 Palm Trees Lowell
11:09 Intro
12:07 Summertime Lowell
16:09 The Bells Lowell
20:25 Fit For Broadway Jane Jourdan
36:44 Clouds Lowell
40:21 Candy Sam Ty Segall
43:34 Fit For Broadway Jane Jourdan
57:11 Breakfast Eggs Ty Segall
59:45 Baby Big Man I Want A Mommy Ty Segall
62:17 Send Off
62:46 Diversion Ty Segall
66:19 Squeeler Two Ty Segall
69:43 Finish

Welcome to Biology of the Blog! This week we’re chatting with Jane Jourdan, creator of the awesome blog Fit For Broadway!

Fit For Broadway examines what it takes mentally, physically, and spiritually to be a Broadway star, but also, just a healthy human being. You can check out a sample of Jane’s wonderful work by following this link!

(Kristine Bendul, Featured on Fit For Broadway)

(From Fit For Broadway)

(From Fit For Broadway)

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