Mitch Waite

Premiere DateSep 3, 2015
Categories Media Music
00:00 Mic Break
00:18 It's Time To Come Home The Rentals
04:12 Stardust The Rentals
06:54 Mic Break
07:54 The Hand Ty Segall
12:29 Feel Ty Segall
16:41 Mitch Waite Cinematic Photography Mitch Waite
27:57 Desiree Sean Rowe
32:30 Shine My Diamond Ring Sean Rowe
36:40 Mitch Waite Cinematic Photography Mitch Waite
47:10 Ocean Flows Motel Beds
50:53 Sweet Mountain River Mountain Truck
54:39 Send Off
55:05 Barry Richardson So Cow
58:48 The Other One So Cow
61:38 Finish

Biology of the Blog

DJ Jess

Welcome to Biology of the Blog! This week we are catching up with London-based professional cinematic photographer Mitch Waite, author of a blog of the same name, which you can find here!


(Ty Segall)

(The Rentals)

(Sean Rowe)

Jess Goulart began working at BTR in 2013 as an intern. Before leaving in 2016 she was also a staff writer, podcast host (Scotch & Cinema, Twenty-Something Traveler, Biology of the Blog), and Social Media…