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Premiere DateApr 9, 2015
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00:00 Mic Break
00:22 Should Have Known Better Sufjan Stevens
05:24 All Of Me Wants All Of You Sufjan Stevens
08:59 Mic Break
10:14 Animals In-Flight Safety
13:28 Fight Night In-Flight Safety
16:50 Artistamp Museum Ginny Lloyd
32:07 Wide Awake Kaitlyn Auerelia Smith
35:01 Shake it Little Tina Low Cut Connie
38:18 Artistamp Museum Ginny Lloyd
47:53 Little Queen of New Orleans Low Cut Connie
51:42 Dumb Boy Low Cut Connie
54:03 Send Off
54:34 Sunny December Bombadil
57:07 Civilizations William Elliot Whitmore
60:37 Finish

Biology of the Blog

DJ Jess

Welcome to Biology of the Blog! This week we’re chatting with Ginny Lloyd, artist and art stamp collector behind the blog Artistamp Museum!


Sufjan Stevens
(photo by Sufjan Stevens)

April 10 – The Academy of Music Philadelphia – Philadelphia, PA
April 11 – Beacon Theater – New York, NY
April 12 – William Mortensen Hall – Hartford, CT
April 14 – Merrill Auditorium – Portland, ME
April 15 – Palace Theater – Albany, NY

In-Flight Safety
(photo by In-Flight Safety)

May 9 – Rivoli – Toronto, Canada

Low Cut Connie
(photo by Low Cut Connie)

April 24 – Underground Arts – Philadelphia, PA
May 7 – TT the Bear’s – Cambridge, MA
May 28 – The Huma Room – Detroit, MI
May 29 – Tip Top Deluxe Bar – Grand Rapids, MI

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