Round out the year with some easy listening. Myself and show BFF are talking 4chan, reddit, tumblr porn, and dick pics.
Remember Corgi Orgy? We're doing our second "best of 2016" episode with Seth Dandridge, founder of the insanely popular dancing dog gif site.   Courtesy of Seth Dandridge Courtesy of Seth Dandridge
We're chatting with Olivia Harrison about queefs and Harry Potter. 2016 getting you down? Tune in for some good ol' remembrances. Courtesy of Olivia Harrison
Today we're chatting with self-described urban nerd Julia Kite. She's the Policy and Research Manager for Transportation Alternatives, a non-profit that works to reclaim New York City for bikers and pedestrians. She's also a writer and she works the city into the fiction she crafts. Check out her blog, Sugar and Steel   Courtesy of Julia Kite    
Flashback episode!  We're talking to Olivia Harrison about Fox News and artist co-ops.
Today we're chilling out with Biology of the Blog BFF Daniel Lindsay. We're talking Facebook fake news and Tumblr porn.
We're learning how to predict trends with Sidney Morgan-Petro, retail trend editor for WGSN.
Today we're talking Twitter bots and dipping sauces with Seth Dandridge, @labelmaker.
We're talking cat gifs and local neighbors with Eric Day, software developer and creator of Cat Party and co-creator of Secret Kitchen.
We’re finishing our time with Brandon Sutton, staff writer for Progressive Army, where he writes about race, culture and politics.
We're continuing our conversation with Brandon Sutton, anthropologist and PhD candidate and staff writer for Progressive Army.
We're solving all of America's electoral woes with Brandon Sutton, and anthropologist and PhD candidate and staff writer for Progressive Army.
Today Emily O'Connor, Director of Writers for Content Writers, is gracing our studio. She and the team at Content Writers provide digital content across a range of fields. We're digging into the business end of content creation and getting her take on what makes a freelancer successful.
Today we're talking to Zoey Klein, an NYC wardrobe stylist and fashion blogger
We're talking with environmental justice blogger Casey Williams
We're in the studio with Refinery29's Olivia Harrison, talking about NYC and Fox News
Today we’re talking in the studio with Seth Dandridge, former Biology guest and creator of Corgi Orgy
Today we're talking with Jeremy Pegg: lawyer, web comic artist, and political domain squatter
Join us as we talk about running BUST Magazine's blog like a pro, Girls' Alex Karpovsky being on Tinder, and what it's like to stop wearing pants forever
Patrick Lenton is the creator of The Spontaneity Review and the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge.
Today we’re talking in the studio with Seth Dandridge, a software developer and ardent Pokémon Go player who has caught all 142 Pokemon available in the United States
Today we’re talking with Amelia, aka Jill Kerouac. She’s a feminist traveler who blogs about her experiences as a solo female traveler.
On today’s episode we’re chatting in the studio with Olivia Harrison, an awesome and hilarious feminist writer who has blogged for BUST Magazine, Mental Floss, Heritage Radio Network, Refinery 29, and been featured in HuffPost. We’re talking queefs, haters on Facebook, and Amy Schumer.   00:00 Mic Break 00:46 Seeing Green - Puzzle 04:16 Moneyman - Puzzle 07:37 Olivia Harrison 22:48 Anatony - Twin River 07:48 Known To Run - Twin River 31:14 Olivia Harrison 38:20 My Last Catastrophe - The Smoking Trees 41:06 Always The Sun - The Smoking Trees 45:50 Olivia Harrison 49:17 Lifetime Experience - The Smoking Trees 52:29 The Archer And The Bull - The Smoking Trees 54:45 Send Off 54:57 What It Takes - Enjoy 58:52 Just Like The Day We Met - Enjoy 60:38 End Courtesy of Olivia Harrison Courtesy of Olivia Harrison
Ruth Maramis is the founder of FlixChatter, a movie review blog that gives in depth, honest reviews while at the same time managing to sound intelligent and put together. I think we can all agree that the internet is chalk full of people spewing their feelings left and right (myself included) so it’s nice to see people express opinions without all the vitriol. Ruth is also a staff blogger at the Twin Cities Film Fest and she’s currently working on her first screenplay. 00:00 Mic Break 00:34 Along The Way - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 04:21 Fuera El Dolor - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 06:58 Intro 07:34 I’m Not The One - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 11:23 Finalidad - Adan & Xavi y Los Imanes 14:52 Flix Chatter - Ruth 24:58 West Coast - Hey Marseilles 28:35 Another Life - Hey Marseilles 31:44 Flix Chatter - Ruth 40:09 Fresh Faced Claire - Carter Tanton 43:12 Poison In The Dart - Carter Tanton 46:04 Send Off 46:16 The Dressmaker’s Girl - Carter Tanton 51:24 Diamonds In The Mine - Carter Tanton 56:30 Finish Courtesy of FlixChatter Courtesy of FlixChatter
FakeScience is a "less than factual guide to our amazing world." It’s a hilarious spoof on how easily “science” gets bandied about on the internet, with “facts” being less than relevant.
Today we’re sitting down in the studio with Jenavieve Hatch, a blogger who has written for numerous platforms and currently writes for HuffPost Women. She’s got a flare for writing in a down-to-earth feminist style that speaks to young women across the internet. 00:00 Mic Break 00:42 Faraway Eyes - Aloha 05:44 Ocean Street - Aloha 09:38 Intro 10:00 Moon Man - Aloha 14:35 Flight Risk - Aloha 18:56 Jenavieve Hatch – Jenavieve Hatch 21:04 I Have Been To The Mountain - Kevin Morby 24:18 Singing Saw - Kevin Morby 31:36 Jenavieve Hatch – Jenavieve Hatch 43:02 Drunk and On a Star - Kevin Morby 47:21 Dorothy - Kevin Morby 52:30 Send Off 52:48 Secret Police - Kiran Leonard 55:20 Pink Fruit - Kiran Leonard 71:36 Finish Courtesy of Jenavieve Hatch Courtesy of Jenavieve Hatch Courtesy of Jenavieve Hatch
We’re talking to Luvvie, a writer, speaker, digital strategist, and founder of Awesomely Luvvie, a blog about pop culture, politics, race, media, humor, and anything else she fancies. 00:00 Mic Break 00:43 Running Around - Pretty City 03:11 Second Hand Clothes - Pretty City 05:56 Intro 06:12 Fun Machine - Pretty City 11:15 Ignoring My Friends - Pretty City 14:19 Awesomely Luvvie - Luvvie 21:36 Together Again - The Love Dimension 24:34 When Soul Love Begins - The Love Dimension 27:22 Awesomely Luvvie - Luvvie 40:13 Surf Heart - The Love Dimension 43:05 Get Real Wild - The Love Dimension 45:36 Send Off 45:52 In The Valley - No One Mind 47:57 Island of House - No One Mind 50:16 Finish Courtesy of Awesomely Luvvie Courtesy of Awesomely Luvvie
Haylin’s frank take on the divine is a breath of fresh air. In her witchcraft newsletter she gives advice on room cleaning and organization, mental clarity, and maintaining emotional well-being, all with a very personal take on new-age practices.
Katrina Day is a New York based actress, writer, and director. She founded Lady Parts, where she posts hilariously sexist casting calls, after seeing one too many casting calls that go something like the recent Quentin Tarantino email seeking "whores."
Space is amazing and so is the Spacewriter! She's an award winning science writer with 6 books and 40 documentary scripts to her name. She is also a science outreach consultant, working with various institutions as a science writer and technical editor for all things relating to astronomy and astrophysics.
Today we’re getting’ witty with Mad Kane, founder and writer of Mad Kane’s Humor Blog and Mad Kane’s Political Madness.
This week we’re getting to know the prolific Margaret Andrews, founder of the humor blog Nanny Goats in Panties, as well as the guide to blogging Sticky Readers, and the local blogging community Sacramento Bloggers.
We’re delving into herbalism, vitamin supplements, and why you probably shouldn’t be using 12 products on your face.
This week we get a lesson in fitness with tennis and golf aficionado Ren Gates, lead content writer for the Play Your Court blog and Play Your Course blog!
This week we get a lesson in high fashion with Australia-based blogger Brooke Madison, of The Glitterati Gallery!
This week we do some deep breathing with Emma Silverman, creator of the blog The Joy Of Yoga and author of the book of the same name.
This week we learn how Broadway stars stay in peak mental and physical condition with the creator of Fit For Broadway, Jane Jourdan.
This week we explore healthy living with Georgie Morley, creator of In It 4 The Long Run!
This week we take a jog with Shawna Hussey, NYC-based runner and creator of the blog Run This Apple!
This week we get a lesson in New York City style with lifestyle blogger and fashion guru Courtney Quinn, creator of Color Me Courtney!
This week we get some career advice with Laura Yamin, author of the blog of the same name and creator of the "Say Yes" podcast, both of which counsel women to pursuit their work dreams.
This week we learn about the ins-and-outs of love with Politics Chic, author of the blog Politics of Love!
This week we chat with dietician and fitness enthusiast Anne Mauney, creator of the health and wellness blog fANNEtastic Food!
This week we get a lesson on the intersection of marketing, technology, social media, and (of course) Taylor Swift!
This week we get a lesson in living a fulfilling gluten free life with Mike, creator of the hugely popular blog Gluten Free Mike.
This week we chat with Helen Yeates, film buff and independent film maker based in Australia, and creator of the blog MovieBuffQ!
This week we chat with Wright Harvey, co-founder of the Sugarlift Gallery in Brooklyn, and creator of its awesome blog!
This week we're catching up with the fabulous New York City based fashion blogger Claire Geist, author of De Lune.
This week is we catch up with the creator of the hilarious website STFU, Parents, dedicated to shaming parents who over share on social media!
This week all bloggers tune in! We're getting a crash course with expert Julie Stoian, creator of Fabulous Blogging!
This week we get up close and personal with relationships courtesy of Engaged Marriage's Dustin Riechmann.
This week we're getting Glasgow stylish with blogger Miss West End Girl!