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Premiere DateJun 19, 2014
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00:27 In White Relief The Archie Bronson Outfit
03:20 South Carolina The Poets of Rhythm
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06:39 I am the Garden MIRAH
11:01 Interview with Donna Desborough pt. 1
23:22 In Due Time PHOX
25:17 Interview with Donna Desborough pt. 2
38:28 Full Moon Woods
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47:40 Morning Sun Strange Talk
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Biology of the Blog

DJ Jess
Welcome to Biology of the Blog! This week we chat with Donna Desborough, avid gamer and voice behind the blog Femme Gamer, a site dedicated to proving it’s not just boys who like to blow cars up in GTA. Donna and a few female friends review games, consoles, and comment on the gaming world in general, omitting PR speak in favor of honest opinion. Find out the best news to emerge out of last week’s E3, Donna’s favorite game of all time, and how games are breaking down conventional gender roles.


The Archie Bronson Outfit
(photo from The Archie Bronson Outfit)

June 6 – Nouveau Casino – Paris, France
June 7 – Grand Mix – Tourcoing, France
June 9 – Blue Shell – Cologne, Germany
June 11 – Kranhalle – Munich, Germany
June 12 – Magnet – Berlin, Germany

(photo from PHOX)

June 24 – The Waiting Room – Omaha, NE
June 25 – The Riot Room – Kansas City, MO
June 28 – Three Links – Dallas, TX
June 30 – The Western – Scottsdale, AZ
July 1 – The Echo – Los Angeles, CA

(photo from Woods)

June 21 – Bowery Electric – New York, NY
July 28 – Milwaukee Between North & Wood – Chicago, IL
August 1 – Fox Cabaret – Vancouver, BC
August 5 – Henry Miller Memorial Library -Big Sur, CA
August 8 – Golden Gate Park – San Fransisco, CA

Jess Goulart began working at BTR in 2013 as an intern. Before leaving in 2016 she was also a staff writer, podcast host (Scotch & Cinema, Twenty-Something Traveler, Biology of the Blog), and Social Media…