October 2015 Edition

Premiere DateOct 29, 2015
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00:00 Bay Area Live goes on the road this month!
01:00 Fire Escape Kid In The Attic
04:48 I Hesitate Kid In The Attic
08:42 White Whale Kid In The Attic
12:24 Long Distance Kid In The Attic
15:55 Minefield Kid In The Attic
19:45 More Bay Area Live from the road coming up...
20:30 Soft Swap Gazelle/s/
26:50 Sacred Acreage Gazelle/s/
34:08 Presents! Gazelle/s/
38:05 Chalk Hawk Gazelle/s/
43:21 Even more Bay Area Live from the road coming up!!!
44:09 West PA Ryan Marchand
50:48 Off The Radar Ryan Marchand
56:36 Really Smart People Ryan Marchand
62:28 That’s it for Bay Area Live on the road!
62:53 Finish

Bay Area Live goes on the road! I’m on tour with my band Face Tat, and while I was traveling through the Pacific Northwest, I recorded some of the killer bands I was playing with. I caught up with Kid In The Attic, a Brooklyn band, in Portland, Oregon. Gazelles played their hometown of Eugene, OR and I was lucky enough to catch that too. All that and more on this edition of Bay Area Live!

Kid In The Attic / Photo by Max Savage

Gazelle/s/ / Photo via Facebook

Ryan Marchand / Photo via RyanMarchand.com

Kid In The Attic on Facebook
Gazelle/s/ on Facebook
Ryan Marchand’s website

Host Mike G.
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