November 2015 Edition

Premiere DateNov 26, 2015
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00:00 It’s another Bay Area Live from the road! Sort of.
01:20 Plinth Of Uncanny Design Vinyl Williams
03:35 Stellarscope Vinyl Williams
06:57 Space Age Utopia Vinyl Williams
11:12 World Soul Vinyl Williams
15:12 Lovely Vinyl Williams
19:10 100 Vinyl Williams
25:03 Open Your Mind Vinyl Williams
27:54 Iguana City Vinyl Williams
31:50 Allaz Vinyl Williams
35:04 Xol Rumi Vinyl Williams
42:14 Harmonious Change Vinyl Williams
46:27 More Bay Area Live comin up
47:40 West PA Ryan Marchand
54:23 Whiskey and Wine Ryan Marchand
58:51 That’s it for this month!
59:12 Finish

Bay Area Live goes on the road for a second month! Well, not really, because I’m back in San Francisco now. But I still have some killer music to play from when I was out on the road with my band Face Tat in October. This month, I’m stoked to play a set by Vinyl Williams from Neurolux in Boise, Idaho recorded October 25.

Vinyl Williams / Photo via Facebook

Ryan Marchand / Photo via

Vinyl Williams on Facebook
Ryan Marchand’s website

Host Mike G.
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