BTR Bay Area Live

Premiere DateOct 30, 2014
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00:00 Welcome to Bay Area Live, hope you enjoy your stay.
01:18 Moss Beach Li Xi
04:46 Marble Noon Li Xi
07:45 Mercury Li Xi
10:52 Loyalty Li Xi
13:59 Cherry Temples Li Xi
20:40 More Bay Area Live after these messages…
21:34 happy arrival day, sun ra intro Al Lover
22:27 the orange dot Al Lover
25:31 goat goat lord al lover remix
28:53 villages   black photograph al lover remix - Al Lover
33:19 super strength (power plants) instrumental Al Lover
36:36 exorcism sentient sentinel al lover remix - Al Lover
40:46 Even more Bay Area Live awaits you…
42:00 B Boys - BPos
45:19 Party Mardi BPos
49:22 The Radio BPos
52:11 Stay on the Lookout BPos
56:21 Feel Good Music BPos
59:51 That’s it for Bay Area Live!
60:34 Finish

There’s a great show going down on December 3 at Brick & Mortar Music Hall featuring three bands who have just put out new albums, all of which are some of my favorite albums of the year: Li Xi, Al Lover, and BPos. I couldn’t wait until December 3, though, right? So I put this show together instead.

Li Xi

Al Lover


Host Mike G.
Mike G. is a writer and musician who lives in San Francisco. He began his career with BTR many, many years ago and still hosts the Bay Area Live show to this day, featuring the most killer live music the San…