BTR Bay Area Live

Premiere DateFeb 27, 2014
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00:00 Bay Area Live, February 2014
01:18 The Beyond Identical Homes
06:30 Bones and Marrow Identical Homes
13:46 Air Break.
14:19 Miles and Miles Identical Homes
18:25 Spirit Come Home Identical Homes
24:35 Air Break
24:49 Let's Not And Say We Did Face Tat
29:11 Air Break.
29:54 Bubby Aa
35:26 Sevens Aa
37:28 Drug Mom Aa
38:55 Fish Phone Aa
45:28 Mossy Aa
48:15 Clocked Aa
50:08 Thirteen Aa
53:22 Aa Aa
60:04 That's it for Bay Area Live!
60:49 Finish

This month on Bay Area Live in San Francisco we have tracks from Identical Homes out of Oakland playing the Bottom of the Hill, featuring former members of The Rum Diary, Shuteye Unison, and Built for the Sea, and then we have a cut from SF local Face Tat at El Rio and finally we caught a set of Brooklyn, New York’s Big A little a (Aa) on tour and playing the Hemlock Tavern in San Francisco.

Identical Homes

Face Tat


Host Mike G.
Mike G. is a writer and musician who lives in San Francisco. He began his career with BTR many, many years ago and still hosts the Bay Area Live show to this day, featuring the most killer live music the San…