BTR Bay Area Live

Premiere DateOct 31, 2013
Categories Media Music
00:00 Best of Bay Area Live of 2013, so far.
01:30 Entitled San Francesca
08:41 Maison, Miscene B. Hamilton
12:30 More Favorites from Bay Are Live 2013
12:54 Year Of The Ox The Burning of Rome
18:12 Select picks from the BTR SXSW Showcase
18:50 Sunspots Suuns
24:28 Minor Work Suuns
30:52 My Bones, My Flesh, & Me The Beets
32:57 In Your Head The Beets
35:00 You Should Have Never Opened That Door The Beets
37:23 More from the BTR SXSW Showcase
37:52 Find It Of Use Radiation City
42:21 Foreign Bodies Radiation City
46:06 More Bay Area Live.
46:32 Loyalty (Extended) Li Xi
51:49 More Local Favorites on Bay Area Live.
52:59 Dig the Halo Schande
59:48 That's it for Bay Area Live!
60:12 Finish

This month guest DJ Mark plays for us his favorites from Bay Area Live 2013 so far, with songs from the BTR SXSW Showcase, great touring bands, and local talent from the San Francisco Bay Area. Check his favorites of 2013 so far

San Francesca


Radiation City

Host Mike G.
Mike G. is a writer and musician who lives in San Francisco. He began his career with BTR many, many years ago and still hosts the Bay Area Live show to this day, featuring the most killer live music the San…