BTR Bay Area Live

Premiere DateMay 26, 2011
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00:00 Welcome to another Bay Area Live!
00:55 Luciana The Rural Alberta Advantage
04:17 Rush Apart The Rural Alberta Advantage
06:18 Don't haunt this place The Rural Alberta Advantage
09:29 Tornado '87 The Rural Alberta Advantage
13:18 Four Night Rider The Rural Alberta Advantage
15:07 Deadroads The Rural Alberta Advantage
17:40 Next up on Bay Area Live: Future Twin
18:41 Bad Seed Future Twin
21:27 <3 Future Twin
24:07 Get Up or Get Out Future Twin
28:13 Yuka Future Twin
32:00 Lockits Future Twin
35:24 Landslide Future Twin
39:36 Next up on Bay Area Live: Spiro Agnew
41:56 Don't Talk Down To Me Spiro Agnew
47:12 Whatever's Left to Bleed Spiro Agnew
51:10 That Day Spiro Agnew
56:43 Sleep Sleep Sleep Spiro Agnew
60:25 That's it for Bay Area Live. See ya next month!
62:13 Finish

This month we have a set Mike G. caught at Bottom of the Hill by Canadians The Rural Alberta Advantage, plus locals Future Twin and Spiro Agnew (who are now named What Model Citizens), both at the one and only Hemlock Tavern. Hope you dig on them tunes.

May 27 – 4AD – Diksmuide, Belgium
May 28 – Gleis 22 – Münster, Germany
May 29 – Privat Club – Berlin-Kreuzberg, Germany
May 30 – Molotov – Hamburg, Germany
May 31 – Blue Shell – Cologne, Germany
Jun 01 – La Fleche d’Or – Paris, France

May 28 – Kitsch Gallery – San Francisco, CA

Host Mike G.
Mike G. is a writer and musician who lives in San Francisco. He began his career with BTR many, many years ago and still hosts the Bay Area Live show to this day, featuring the most killer live music the San…