Zhongwen Hu

Premiere DateJul 3, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Zhongwen Hu
01:56 Rose Water ft. Coco Fit of Body
05:00 Searching for Peace via Paint
09:26 Searching for Peace via Space
12:15 Painting Emotion and Sensation
18:53 Animation
25:16 Outro
25:37 Cool (feat. Satchy) Hana Vu
28:50 Finish

Zhongwen Hu is a Shanghai raised, New York based painter, illustrator, and animator, who is proficient in combining joy and peace, and expresses the vibrant spirit and atmosphere of daily life scene.With a sensitive approach, her work can be seen in projects for galleries, book publishing and editorial. Among her many honors and awards include those from Top Shorts Online Film Festiva Best Experimental Film; Five Continents International Film Festival Best Animation Short Film; Best Shorts Competition Award of Merit: Animation; etc. Zhongwen’s many exhibitions include those at “30 under 30” at Viridian Artists, curated by Whitney Museum Curator Chrissie Iles; Axis Gallery Sacramento; ArtHelix; Point of Contact Gallery; Baton Rouge Gallery; Random Access Gallery; Spark Contemporary Art Space; and Michael Sickler Gallery; among others.

All images courtesy of the artist

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