Zach Zecha

Premiere DateJun 12, 2018
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Zach Zecha
01:57 Glue Bernice
06:14 Dig Deep / For The Plastic Coats My Heart / All Meaning Is Lost and Found Again
10:13 Material and Thematic Inspiration
16:16 Departure from 2D
19:52 Marxist Ideologies
22:20 Upcoming Shows
23:51 Outro
24:11 Health Machine Sam Evian
28:10 Finish

Zach Zecha is a Pennsylvania-based artist whose playful works with up-cycled and industrial material speak to his past and present physical surroundings.

Zach has had solo exhibitions at spaces such as Kitchen Table Gallery, Buxiejo Gallery, Suga’s and he has participated in group exhibitions at Pennsylvania State Museum, Imago Art Foundation, Masaur Museum of Art, A.D. Gallery, University of North Carolina, UMW gallery, Parliament arts organization, Moore College of Art and Design, Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Museum, AUTOMAT COLLECTIVE, Mixer Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey and Laura Harber Galley in Buenos Aires, Argentina among others.

Zach received a MFA from Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts and a BFA from the University of Colorado Denver.

He currently teaches art at Delaware County Community College.

All images and videos courtesy of the artist

cowboy, banana, banana,
54 x 74 x 12 inches, wood, latex paint, oil paint, enamel, spray paint, denim, bandana, candles, heat tape, rope, 2017

zebras can shake the foundation of my still life
64 x 58 x 30 inches, canvas, wood, mylar, found vae, found image, oil paint, pray paint, latex paint, duct tape, hula hoop, string, led lights. 2017

ducks dont sound much like dolphins
64 x 54 x 12 inches, wood, metal, oil paint, spray paint, enamel, latex paint, tape, plastic toys, Christmas ornaments, key chain, 2017

how many dolphins can i fit in my fortress of solituide
48 x 48 x 68 inches, wood, tape, video tape. found toys, led lights, latex paint, enamel 2015

trying to build a world using the wrong materials (day five)
concrete, painters tape, latex piant wood
variable size
a five day project in which the work changed at the beginning of everyday, as a symbol of the ever changing world

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