Yasmeen Abdallah

Premiere DateFeb 5, 2019
00:00 Introduction
00:37 Jasmeen Abdallah
01:54 Magnetic Woman Eerie Wanda
05:04 Challenging Existing Structures
07:15 Feminine Labor
21:44 Remnants and History
30:58 Inspirations
36:58 What’s Left in the River Royal Canoe
42:04 Outro
42:25 Finish

Yasmeen Abdallah is a transdisciplinary artist, curator and educator focusing on socially-engaged issues and practices. She received her MFA in Fine Arts with distinction from Pratt Institute in 2015, and Bachelor degrees in Anthropology and Art with honors, and minored in Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies at the University of Massachusetts, Boston in 2015.

Yasmeen is an Adjunct Professor of Art at Kean University and a Teaching Artist at Open Source: Koko, BRIC, One River School and Pi Art. She serves as a curator and organizer at the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space.

Yasmeen has currently completed artist residencies at Trestle Art Space in 2017, and Project Art in 2016.

All images courtesy of the artist


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