William Norton

Premiere DateFeb 11, 2020
00:00 Introduction
00:38 William “Norton”
01:52 Streetlight Blues
05:24 Chapter One
09:41 Disclaimer Squirrel Flowers
10:11 Chapter Two
22:14 Chapter Three
43:09 My Friend Dan Deacon
47:33 Outro
47:54 Finish

William Norton is a New York based artist whose autobiographical work connects his roots of growing up in Japan with his complex history of dealing with the disappearance of his 4-year-old son in 1990.

Norton was an instructor of Welded Steel Sculpture at Columbia University from 1984-1994 and a Guest Lecturer of Sculpture at Cedar Crest College in Allentown, PA from 1988-1990.

Recent exhibitions include: “Size Matters” at 100 Bogart Street Gallery in Brooklyn, “Pop Goes the Weasel” at WIlliasburg Art Center, “Out on a Limb” at Brooklyn CiderHouse, and “Life on Other Planets” at the Re Institute in New York, among others.

He currently is an art handler for the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Ghosts In The Machine 2 (Spring), 2015-2016
84″ x 240″ x 1.5″
Hand Carved Plexiglass with Shadows

Ghosts in the Machine (Winter), 2014
84″ x 240″ 11/2″
Hand Carved Plexiglass with Shadows

Ghosts in the Machine (Winter) [panel 1], 2014
84″ x 60″ x 1.5″
Hand Carved Plexiglass with Shadows

The Myth of Natural Selection
112” x 180” x 22”
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