Week of 1/24/17

Premiere DateJan 24, 2017
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Dylan McManus
01:36 SLOW Jay Som
05:37 Post Digital
07:49 Fabricating Histories
14:30 Educational collaboration in American Samoa
17:54 Appropriation
23:10 Little Bear Hill Artist Residency
26:24 Critique of Academia
30:34 Little Bear Hill cont.
36:01 Having Children as an Artist
38:47 Violence Tender
41:28 Finish

Dylan McManus is a US-based Post-Digital Printmaker who explores contradictions he finds in contemporary society. His work offers a visual starting point for critical discourse and debate among what he views as a politically disinterested populace.

Dylan is also the co-founder and artistic director of Little Bear Hill, one of the first Post-Digital artist’s residencies in the United states. He lives and works in The Dalls, Oregon with his wife Beth and son Guthrie.


“Genesis of a Portrait,” High Polished 5.56mm Live Bullet, 2010, 4″x.5″x.5″


“Portrait of an Anonymous Lover,” Photograph, 2010, 41″X19″


“Portraits an Installation (Exhibition View),” 2010


“Child Soldier in Diamond Dust (Rwandan Rebel)” 7 Carats of Natural Diamond Dust, Silkscreen, on Powder Coated Steel, 2008, 30×22.5″


“Child Soldier in Diamond Dust (Sierra Leone Rebels),” 7 Carats of Natural Diamond Dust Silkscreened on Powder Coated Steel, 2008, 30×22.5″


“Child Soldier in Bullets,” Relief Print Using 5.56mm, .22 Bullet Casings and Ink, 4.5×1.5′, 2009


“Child Soldier in Bullets (In Progress),” Relief Print Using 5.56mm, .22 Bullet Casings and Ink, 4.5×1.5′, 2009


“Field Notes Collaborative, Image Stills,” Double Page Spread of Video Stills, “Field Note’s Book”, 17×11″, 2009


“Gift Installation,” Pigment Print Constructions, Various Wrapped Objects, 2007, Installation View


Baghdad Gift Box,” Pigment Print Construction, 60 Engraved Shell Casings, 2007, 4x2x2″

Kimberly Ruth is a New York based multi-media artist. Her work explores the failures and inconsistencies of language, especially in the digital age. Through text, photography, video and performance, she works to…