Chris Lewis

Premiere DateDec 27, 2016
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Chris Lewis
01:05 The Complicated Men of the 1940s Luke Temple
05:30 Stone carving in Italy
08:32 Post Italy
12:38 The Weight of Stone
21:58 The Art of Moving
26:58 Finding Form
35:12 Moving Back to the Country
39:55 Heart Song Jess Williamson
46:54 Finish

Installation at Chris Davison Gallery, 2016. Newburgh, NY.


Tusk, 2016. Barre Granite with wood base, 40 in x 14 in x 10 in. 550 lbs.


Perfect Wave, 1996. Carrara Marble, 25 in x 20 in x 28 in.


Perfect Wave, 1996. Carrara Marble, 25 in x 20 in x 28 in.


Seedling, 1996. Statuary Carrara Marble and Steel, 8 ft 6 in with base. 900 lbs.


Tsunami, 2004. Statuary Carrara Marble, 42 in x 22 in x 14 in. 550 lbs.


Leaf Tip Fountain, 2015. Installed at the Park Avenue Wellness Center, New York, NY.


Classic Asian Fountain, 2013. Indigenous quartzite and bronze. Orange County Arboretum, Montgomery, NY.

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