Jessica Gaddis

Premiere DateDec 20, 2016
00:00 Introduction
00:35 Jessica Gaddis
00:59 Winterbloom Dan Misha Goldman
03:04 Early Work and the Concept of Beauty
09:52 Current Work and Found Objects
21:53 Ceramics
30:04 Dissecting New Work
36:00 Shout Outs
36:55 Corners Dan Misha Goldman
40:40 Finish

Jessica Gaddis is a New York-based artist who works with painting, ceramics, found objects, sculpture and installation. Her work questions what it means to be an ephemeral being in a physical body.

‘Drawing the Moon’, Earthenware, 2015

gaddis I have been dreaming of you all my life

‘I Have Been Dreaming of You All My Life’ , eggshells, mixed media on canvas 2015

Gaddis Looking back

‘Looking Back’ , Acrylic, Mixed Media, Eggshells, Oil on canvas, 2016

GADDIS watching it happen

‘Watching it Happen’ Oil, acrylic and clay on wood, 2016


‘Nested’, Eggshells, mixed media, on canvas stretched over found frame, 2016


‘Painting’ Acrylic, clay, on canvas, 2016

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