Erik Benjamins

Premiere DateDec 6, 2016
0:00 Introduction
0:33 Erik Benjamins
8:35 Walking as Art
18:28 Writing as Art
27:15 Performance as Art
32:00 Presidential Letter Writing as Art
45:47 Upcoming Exhibitions
48:03 Finish

Erik Benjamins, Last Day, First Day. Instructions for participation.


Erik Benjamins, Butts of Florence, 2014. A comfortably sized travel memoir features writings punctuated by formal black and white photographs of the butts of various Florentine sculptures.


Erik Benjamins, Butts of Florence (No. 24), 2015. Photo-etching in an open edition, 19 x 15”.


Erik Benjamins, Bougainvillea at Magic Hour, 2013 – ongoing. Contact-scan photographs made at magic hour of a botanical symbol of artist’s Home Place are printed life-size.


Erik Benjamins, En la Tierra del Mañana (Butcher block), 2015. The mayor of Santa Fe’s handwritten “mañana” forms the blood groves of a butcher block.


Erik Benjamins, Searing Red Dust (The Vanishing Huy Fong Foods Cookbook), 2014. A looseleaf cookbook of Sriracha-inspired recipes are printed with an unfixed, photographic ink sensitive to UV light.


Erik Benjamins, Honey Hunger Pangs, 2012. A one-night footnote intervention and graphic redesign of a restaurant’s dinner menu includes proposals for the sensing body and hungry eater.


Erik Benjamins, On November 4th, 2008… (Detail), 2008. A collection of transcribed Facebook status updates posted within the hours following Senator Barack Obama’s 2008 predicted victory.


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